• Earthworks & Heavy Equipment in Udon Thani province

Soil, roads, ponds, house foundations & more in Udon Thani province

Udon Landfill specializes in land improvement projects including landfill, backfill, soil deliveries for house foundations, landscaping, the digging of ponds, swimming pools and lakes, as well as road surfacing.

Udon Landfill uses backhoe and transport plant aligned to your digging or foundation needs, including modern Hitachi excavators, bulldozers and 10 wheel trucks.

Get a quote for your earthworks

Udon Landfill is happy to quote for all kinds of works, from small Thai house construction land fills to large-scale excavation and earth moving projects.

Pond excavation, lake or reservoir and road works in Udon Thani

Dig in and start that swimming pool, fish pond or reservoir project. Or let us help with your road construction.


We can truck soil in, or take it away. We move the earth for you! 

Our heavy duty ten wheel dump trucks will make light work of your landscaping or construction project.


Building a house in Thailand? Get your foundations right with Udon Landfill

We operate on land and Thailand house construction developments (such as Gecko Villa) across Udon Thani province, and beyond into other provinces of Isan (or northeast Thailand.) We offer competitive and efficient services - delivering international standards at local prices - and speak several languages.


Udon Thani earth works at down to earth prices

We aim to provide efficient, value for money land improvement, excavation, digging and landfill services. Your needs may be discussed clearly in English without the need for any knowledge of Thai landfill or related terms. Our aim is to ensure all parties have a clear understanding of what work is to be performed, why it is being executed, and at what cost - before executing the work rapidly and efficiently, to the schedule agreed with you.

We are happy to discuss your projects in detail prior to commencing any landfill or excavating. Basic issues will include the location of your construction or site, the size of the site, and the general nature of the work you envisage. This will allow us to give you a ballpark figure for the landfill or related costs, prior to any more specific site visit.

A World of Possibilities: Ponds, Roads, Foundations & more

Udon Thani landfill made easy

We understand that your land or property is a valuable asset. Any excavation, landfill, or earth moving you execute will aim to enhance and increase this value. If you are undertaking house construction in Thailand, the chances are that you will want to excavate or fill your land, or raise it significantly, to avoid floods. You will probably also have foreseen the possibility that your neighbours, or the local land or road authorities, will soon raise the level of their own land, thus making the extent of your own landfill paramount. If you are digging a pond for livestock, digging foundations for a swimming pool, or undertaking an irrigation project, you will want a carefully and neatly dug site. If you are laying a new track into or at your property, you will probably be aiming both to fill the road or track land and to surface it with small stones that ensure stability - and avoid the need for a 4x4 to access the property!


A local Udon Thani business: communicate easily!

Let's work together

Arranging landfill, excavating land and ensuring that the work is carried out as specified can be difficult in a place where communication is not always easy, and where the terminologies used often simply make things harder. Udon Landfill can discuss your project with you clearly, in English, French or Thai.

The following areas or regions in and around Udon Thani are areas in which we can operate rapidly: Prachaksinlapakhom, Nong Han, Kumphawapi, Udon Thani, Kut Chap, Nong Wua So, Non Sa-at, Thung Fon, Chai Wan, Si That, Wang Sam Mo, Ban Dung, Ban Phue, Nam Som, Phen, Sang Khom, Nong Saeng, Na Yung, Phibun Rak and Ku Kaeo
For larger projects, we are also happy to work throughout the provinces of Udon Thani, Nong Bualamphu, Nong Khai, Sakhon Nakhon and Khon Kaen